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About Us

At Go Seoul Missional Church, our passion is to help the MZ generation to know God well and live their lives well to bless and reform society and nations for the glory of God. We are a non-denominational Christian church and was established in 2017 under the membership of KAICAM (Korean Association of Independent Churches and Ministries).  Our culture is fun and relaxed, yet passionate about truths, hope and faith in God. We believe that God has a purpose for every person's life, and it's our goal to help you discover and fulfill that purpose. Join us and become part of our mobile community!

Our Team

Meet the team at GSMC who strive to live fully consecrated to the Lord for Christ's glory.  We love the saints and have hope against all hope for people, cities and nations.  Our heart is to serve the saints so they can live and grow fully mature and consecrated in Christ.  Just like Christ, we don't want any one to perish but as many as are willing to be saved to live the most joyful and fruitful lives they can.  We believe that societal change must come but that it begins with God's people and communities first.  Come and get to know us and our community!

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John & Kristen Goh

Pastor & Pastor's Wife


Seung Hee Oh



Seo Yoon Chung

Translation & Snacks

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

What We Believe

We believe that all 66 books of the Bible are inspired by God and sufficient for salvation and godly living.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the only way for salvation and this is by God’s grace through our faith alone.


We believe that all of life is to be lived holy unto God and that there’s no sacred and secular divide in life.


We believe in the doctrine of holy Trinity.

We believe in literal and eternal heaven and hell.

We believe that one day, Jesus Christ will return visibly with New Heaven and New Earth.


We believe in the Apostles' Creed.

We believe that all spiritual gifts including the charismatic gifts are available for Christians today.

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